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Tips for Halloween

Here are just a couple of ideas for family & children during this pandemic to enjoy Halloween!

1- Dress up & do a scavenger hunt in the house. Hide candy, treats or specific items children have to find

2- Dress up & turn off all of the lights inside. Use a flashlight to hunt for treats or items. (Thank you to my nephew who suggested this one)

3-Tell a Halloween story and pass a bag around with item(s) describing parts of the story: example: spaghetti = worms or brains, grapes or peeled grapes = eyes, candy corn = teeth, etc…

4- Dress up as a saint, after all that’s how Halloween originated.Learn about the saint you chose and present it to family or friends. All Hallow’s Eve was the day before All Saints Day.

5-Have a zoom party. Dress up and share your costume. Prepare a treat and eat with your fellow friends or family on zoom!

6. Have a Halloween parade in your neighborhood. Dress up and walk your neighborhood. Great exercise!

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